Welcome to RhodeCode - 1.2.3 demo version.

RhodeCodeis Pylons framework based Mercurial repository browser/management tool with build in push/pull server and full text search. It works on http/https, has build in permission/authentication system with ability to auth via LDAP or ActiveDirectory. RhodeCode also supports simple API so it's easy integrable with existing systems. RhodeCode is similar in some respects to github or bitbucket_, however RhodeCode can be run as standalone hosted application on your own server. It is open source and and focuses more on providing a customized, self administered interface for Mercurial(and soon GIT) repositories. RhodeCode is powered by a vcs library that Lukasz Balcerzak and I created to handle multiple different version control systems.

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If You would like to install RhodeCode You can see installation docs here

Default login for an administrative account is:

For better user experience deleting,updating users, and deletion of repos is turned off. You can do pulls/pushes thru the demo app as you wish. You can create repositories, and users. All permissions management is also available.
If you want to create new user do it here

Please report feedback,proposals and issues to:
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